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"We heard that WordPress isn't secure"

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"We heard that WordPress isn't secure"

Who's heard this from a connection or a prospective client before? ✋

It's a myth that's been hanging around WordPress for a long time, and probably originates from people who had their WordPress website hacked (but also fail to notice that they were using cheap web hosting and had 500 unpatched plugins installed).

Naturally anyone administering an online learning platform needs to take security seriously (WordPress or otherwise). Anyone got any tips they can share for keeping their WordPress platforms secure?

We're fans of both the Defender and WordFence plugins. Both are quite similar. They each do lots of things to enhance the security of your platform, but here are some of the key ones:

- Preventing brute force and complex attacks
- Scanning your system's files and comparing them to repository versions to make sure they haven't been altered
- Enabling Two Factor Authentication for user accounts
- Automatically tweaking some of WordPress' settings to be more secure
- Notifying you of out of date or vulnerable plugins


Posted : 05/07/2022 1:00 am