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LRS - Does anyone use one??

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Does anyone use an LRS with their WordPress learning platforms? There seem to be two main ones available - TinCanny (for LearnDash) and Grassblade which appears to work with all of the main WordPress LMSs.

I'm not really of the SCORM/xAPI world, but I read an article this morning describing LRSs as "the future of online learning". I've heard them called this many times over the past few years but not really seen much change from my perspective.

Am I missing something? With more and more people taking a blended approach to training, is this something I should be paying more attention to?

Posted : 05/09/2022 1:00 am
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LMS, LRS, LXP... These labels get branded about a lot for education and training-focused online environments and often I find their actual functions are interchangeable.

When it comes to WordPress, I think Tin Canny Reporting by Uncanny Owl is King. Just because it brings the most critical features of an LRS environment, being the need to store and report on SCORM / xAPI data, into the same WordPress environment as where LearnDash is installed. So this makes it easier to access and digest the data from any course or for any particular user.

Last thing I'll say is that the amount of data that can be captured into an LRS can be massive, for example if Articulate Storyline user experience data is being transmitted which will contain action verbs from every single slide of each eLearning activity. So it's really when a learning facilitator can start to drill down into a specific user action, or be able to see the data visualised in a more meaningful way (e.g. through graphs and charts) where this data really becomes useful.

At this moment noone has really taken SCORM reporting to that level within WordPress.

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