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Using SCORM in WordPress

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Interested to hear people's thoughts on the use of SCORM/Storyline authored content within WordPress based LMS's. Do you use them? Do they work well? Do they have a future?

My experience of online course creation has mainly revolved around content that has been created within the LMS itself, so I've rarely used (or been asked to use) authoring tools.

I know SCORM has been around for decades and we've embedded them in past client projects in their most basic form (via Uncanny Owl's TinCanny plugin) but never really used them beyond this - and being completely honest never really had a compelling reason to do so.

But it's still something our clients ask about from time to time. Working with training providers, it's often our client's own client that wants content to be packaged up and put on their LMS. Does anyone have a mix of SCORM and natively created content?

Posted : 26/06/2022 1:00 am