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LearnDash acquires E-Learning Templates

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This week LearnDash LMS has acquired a number of third-party plugins developed by E-Learning Templates (aka Dennis Hall, a long-time developer of useful plugins and well known to the LearnDash developer community).

This includes the following plugins which are expected to be made available to purchase moving forward directly from LearnDash.

LearnDash Classrooms
Parent Child Roles
Student Notes
xAPI for LearnDash

In fact, classrooms is already up on the LearnDash website now being sold as 'Groups Plus'.

The speed at which they've launched this seems to indicate there hasn't been much (if any) work done to the DH version to make this into a more streamlined LearnDash product...

I still think the features included in this new product look fairly basic, and for my money I will still continue to recommend Uncanny Groups For LearnDash as the best option for group reporting and management.

Also check out Cohort Manager for LearnDash which is a feature-packed toolkit for managing groups/cohorts of users.

Still, it will be good to see native LearnDash finally supporting xAPI learning content in some capacity moving forward.

What does everyone else think of this move?

Posted : 22/03/2023 12:00 am