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LearnDash adds new AI Course Outline Builder

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LearnDash 4.6 was released yesterday and features a new AI course builder. We've just recorded a video unboxing this new feature here:

Initial thoughts are that it's an encouraging start, but not sure how practical the course outline builder is at this stage. Surely as the subject matter expert and course creator the course outline should be coming from YOU, not an AI language model. Encouraging people to generate courses in this way almost sounds like it expects you to be using LearnDash for rapidly created, cheap, poorly thought through courses.

I'll be interesting to see where they take it beyond this though.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Posted : 02/06/2023 9:46 am
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Thank you for putting together this in-depth analysis video for the latest AI-generation features on LearnDash 4.6, @mark

I agree with you that this is not the most practically useful implementation of AI for what course creators are likely to need most to support their workflow.

I also noticed that the ordering of lessons that the system generates seems to be very arbitrary and in a random order. Did anyone else see the introduction lesson right at the very bottom of the ordering list!?

It's a good start and like you say potentially a stepping stone to bigger things, but then I also fear a little for what that future might look like...

Mass-produced micro courses all AI produced with no expert steer behind them at all. If that's the case why would the audience even want to buy someone's online course when they can just produce exactly the same content to digest themselves using the same technology. 🤔 

Posted : 02/06/2023 10:21 am